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Ray Dalio Not Sure Why Recording People Talking About A Colleague's Mistakes And Weaknesses And Then Playing Back The Tape For Said Colleague Would Be Viewed As Anything Other Than Positive

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If there are people out there who don't enjoy being broken down emotionally by their coworkers as a means of ultimately emerging stronger, he hasn't heard of them. Well, okay, he's heard of some but they quickly adjust to the Bridgwater way of doing things after a short 18 months.

Ray Dalio, who runs the $160 billion Bridgewater Associates LP, said he’s seeking to encourage a culture of “radical truth and radical transparency” by recording everything inside the hedge-fund firm. “I didn’t want to have spin,” Dalio said at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit in New York. “We tape everything at the company for everyone to see.”

Bridgewater employees -- Dalio included -- are required to publicly talk about their and their colleagues’ mistakes and weaknesses as a means to improvement. Conversations are either audio or videotaped so that employees can make their own assessments. Dalio promotes the Bridgewater culture through his ‘Principles,’ a 123-page presentation available on the company website that includes personal anecdotes such as being inspired by The Beatles to try meditation and maxims such as “Don’t try to please everyone,” and “Use checklists.” Asked to respond to criticism that Bridgewater is a cultish workplace, Dalio said his firm “is the opposite of a cult -- everybody being able to have their own points of view and being able to work through them with thoughtful disagreement.”

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