SAC Capital Alum Will Do 9 Years For Trading On Material Non-Public Information


Mathew Martoma, he of the "most lucrative insider-trading scheme in history" Martomas, is going to jail for a while, though for less time than the government wanted.

Martoma, 40, convicted of making $275 million for SAC by using illegal tips to trade in Elan Corp. and Wyeth LLC, rejected government offers of leniency in exchange for his cooperation in the probe of Cohen and his Stamford, Connecticut-based hedge fund.Martoma was the last of seven former analysts and fund managers from the firm to be convicted, closing a chapter in the pursuit of Cohen by Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. The SAC investigation was part of a larger government crackdown on insider trading at hedge funds including Galleon Group LLC, co-founded by Raj Rajaratnam...U.S. District Judge Paul Gardephe, who handed down the sentence today in Manhattan federal court, ruled earlier that nonbinding guidelines called for a term of more than 15 years to almost 20 years based on the amount of illicit profit, a term he said today was “far more than necessary.”

Ex-SAC Fund Manager Martoma Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison [Bloomberg]


Things Could Be A LOT Better At SAC Capital Right Now

Back in October, we detailed a list of things that, if you are the hedge fund manager who goes by the name Steven A. Cohen, you really don't want to hear first thing in the morning. They included: “The fleeces are on back order”; “Your ex-wife is in the lobby”; “There’s a photographer here who said he’s been authorized to shoot you wearing a king’s robe and crown for a set of playing cards”; “You’ve been outmaneuvered for the Toledo Mud Hens. But I hear the Binghamton Mets may be available.” Today we must update that list to include another thing, perhaps THE thing,* that people delivering news to Cohen don't want to relay. Paraphrasing but any variants on: "Mr. Cohen, we've received a Wells notice and by the way, they're considering naming you personally."