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SAC* PM Asks Cops To Reserve House Calls For The Time He Kills A Guy Or Drives His Car Through Someone's Living Room

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Otherwise it just seems unnecessary.

The officer took down the license plate number and called it in to police headquarters. That was helpful, because the McLaren suddenly sped off from the traffic stop...With the license plate information, police went to the home of the owner, Paul Orwicz, 46, of 1483 Ponus Ridge Rd. Orwicz “has been fascinated with cars since childhood” according to a quote of a Web page on the Monticello Motor Club website (the Web page itself has been taken off-line). “Highlights ofhis racing career include competing in the 2005 24Hours of Daytona and a 4th place overall finish in the 2005 IMSA Challenge by Michelin race series,” according to ZoomInfo. Orwicz seems to be able to afford the $1.35 million McLaren P1 to indulge in his hobby. Hedge Fund Intelligence website has called him a “hotshot” hedge fund portfolio manager with Stephen Cohen’s SAC Capital (now named “Point72 Asset Management).

When police arrived at Horwicz’ home, he told them he was the driver of the car that was stopped. He said driving off from the police stop was a “stupid thing to do” according to the police report, but he didn’t understand why police were at his house, because he didn’t kill anybody or damage any property.

Race Car Driver in $1M-Plus Car Accused of Reckless Driving, Leaving Police Stop [Patch New Canaan]

*Yeah, yeah Point72.


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