Steve Cohen Forced To Remove CFTC Registration Certificates From His Office Wall


That’s about the only effect of yesterday’s move to revoke SAC’s CFTC registration because of, you know, the insider-trading and whatnot, since family offices like SAC er, Point72 don’t need the CFTC’s permission to do anything.

Registrations as commodity pool operators and commodity trading advisers for two of the entities, SAC Capital Advisors LLC and SAC Capital Advisors LP, are subject to disqualification because of convictions on wire fraud, securities fraud and insider-trading charges. SAC LLC's registrations are revoked immediately, while SAC LP's registrations will be revoked on Dec. 31, 2015.

SAC Capital Commodity Registrations Revoked on Convictions [WSJ]
US CFTC revokes SAC Capital’s registration as commodity hedge fund [Reuters]



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