We Almost Had A Universe In Which Bill Gross Uttered The Words "Yes, Mr. Gundlach, Anything Else Mr. Gundlach?" Monday-Friday


In a move that stunned Wall Street, bond guru Bill Gross is joining Janus Capital Group, effective Sept. 29, the company announced Friday. Gross is leaving as chief investment officer of Pimco, the company he founded, after a remarkable 43-year tenure. Bond guru Bill Gross had met with Jeffrey Gundlach to discuss joining fixed income investment management firm Doubleline.1 Five Pimco executives told parent company Allianz they would leave Pimco if Gross did not. [CNBC, earlier]

1. Obviously we like to believe that he was interviewing for an entry level position say, as Gundlach's intern (beggar's can't be choosers!) and that the part where things broke down was when Gundlach said he had a "tryout" project for Gross, which was to go to Kansas City and bid on some sex toys.↩