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World’s Most Evil International Sporting Federation Solves A Problem

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FIFA will tolerate a whole lot of corrupt, immoral, underhanded shit. I mean, slave-labor-to-build-stadiums-so-that-the-world’s-best-players-can-die-of-heat-exhaustion-in-a-desert-country-smaller-than-Connecticut-because-said-country-had-a-very-large-bribe-budget corrupt, immoral and underhanded. But they will not stand for their players being treated like commodities, to be bought and sold. At least not by hedge funds. Starting in four years.

Soccer’s world ruling body FIFA will ban investors from buying the transfer rights of players from teams, a booming sector that has led to more than $1 billion of transactions….

That has led to concerns that teams could be pressured to move a player on to realize gains for firms.

Investors own stakes in as many as 1,100 players worth as much as 1.1 billion euros ($1.4 billion) in European soccer.

Soccer Hedge Fund Betting on Players Gets Global FIFA Ban [Bloomberg]