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Write-Offs: 09.04.14

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$$$Big banks must face U.S. swaps price-fixing lawsuit [Reuters]

$$$Median Incomes Fell for All But Richest in 2010-13, Fed Says [Bloomberg]

$$$Goldman Sachs Just Says 'Vice President' to Be Polite [BloombergView/Matt]

$$$Draghi’s intervention startles markets [FT]

$$$ A Seattle man is facing felony assault charges after allegedly shooting at two people who interrupted an 0ral s3x session taking place on the street. Police said the incident took place around 2 a.m. on Aug. 26, when an unnamed man and woman were walking down a downtown street arguing with each other. At the same time, a man later identified as Paul Hunter was receiving 0ral s3x from an unidentified woman. The woman performing the alleged s3x act on the suspect was apparently spooked by the quarreling couple and fled the scene before the suspect had climaxed, according to The Smoking Gun. The tuxedo-clad suspect was allegedly angry by the course of events and pulled out a 9mm Kel-Tec pistol. “You’re dead mother (expletive),” Hunter shouted at the pair before opening fire, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “You’re dead.” [HP]

$$$Ukraine Conflict Stunting Growth in Germany [WSJ]

$$$JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s own investigators have found clues that a global network of computers available for hire by sophisticated criminals was used to reroute data stolen from the bank to a major Russian city, according to people familiar with the probe. [Bloomberg]

$$$Three Times Square characters busted asking tourists for money [NYP]


Write-Offs: 3.9.16

Block calls U.S. stocks rally 'dead cat bounce'; Strategist says Trump is a wild card for the markets; Naked Female Motorist Leads New Mexico Cops On 100 MPH Chase, Says She Was Too Hot For Clothes; and more.

Write-Offs: 04.03.13

$$$ Cohn Says Banks Other Than Goldman, JPMorgan Retrenching [Bloomberg] $$$ Ex-Goldman trader Taylor pleads guilty to wire fraud [Reuters] $$$ Bundesbank launches Deutsche probe [FT] $$$ Bank of Canada searches far and wide for Carney's successor [Reuters] $$$ Huey Lewis and Weird Al Reenact Classic American Psycho Scene in Honor of Sports’ 30th Birthday [Gawker] $$$ Government Watchdog Faults Regulators Over Foreclosure Review [DealBook] $$$ Royal Bank of Scotland faces $6 billion investor action [Reuters] $$$ Money Is Memory [Izabella Kaminska] $$$ A man caught beating down a 56-year-old woman during a subway robbery in Borough Park wore a college fraternity sweatshirt with his nickname on it, law enforcement sources said. Aidan Folan, 21, was caught on camera wearing his favorite Alpha Phi Delta hoodie with custom lettering on the back that reads, "Stugotz 27," sources added. The Italian slang term roughly translates to "testicles" and is so loved by the suspect he chose it and the number "27" for his Facebook page, sources added. [NYP] $$$ Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey Quarantined in Germany [Time]