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Write-Offs: 09.08.14

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$$$CFTC Said to Alert Justice Department of Criminal Rate Rigging [Bloomberg]

$$$Bank Earnings Expected to Rise in 3rd Quarter [WSJ]

$$$Trump Entertainment Plans to File for Bankruptcy Again [Bloomberg]

$$$Citigroup Sees Trading Revenue Slump Easing [WSJ]

$$$$100 Will Get You a Pass to Eat Olive Garden Pasta Until You Explode [Jezebel]

$$$Alibaba IPO expected to price Sept. 18: Fidelity [Reuters]

$$$Lew says tax inverters threaten US budget [FT]

$$$British bookies have already started taking bets on the name, gender and birth date of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second child. Just hours after royal officials announced the news that Prince George would be getting a sibling, gambling firm Ladbrokes began offering 4-to-5 odds that Kate Middleton will give birth to a boy. The firm said it is an "even money shot" that Will and Kate will have a daughter. [NYDN]


Write-Offs: 5.14.15

Bank felony charges coming; The ghost of Sage Kelly; Harvard money manager pay up; "Massachusetts police: Don't chase bears with hatchet while drunk"; and more.

Write-Offs: 6.8.15

DoJ probes banks for rigging Treasuries market; Greece still Greece; Hedge funds not sweating collusion probe; Kate Moss calls pilot 'basic b*tch' as she's escorted off airplane; and more.

Write-Offs: 07.24.12

$$$ Fed Sees Action if Growth Doesn't Pick Up Soon [WSJ] $$$ Greece will need more debt restructuring - EU officials [Reuters] $$$ Outlook Cut Could Stiffen Berlin's Opposition to Aid [Der Spiegel] $$$ Apple Falls Short Of Analysts’ Expectations Amid IPhone Slump [Bloomberg] $$$ Loeb Buys More Yahoo Shares for $39.5 Million [CNBC] $$$ Plane towing "Will You Marry Me?" banner crashes off RI [CBS] $$$ Nomura is looking for an operations associate in New York, if you're interested [DBCC] $$$ Bond Trading Loses Some Swagger Amid Upheaval [NYT] $$$ Bridgewater Sees ‘Dangerous Dynamic’ As Largest Economies Slow [Bloomberg] $$$ Google agrees EU antitrust deal outline [FT] $$$ 'Hockey mom madam's' partner files papers to have case dismissed [NYP] $$$ Sometimes one subway train leaves before the other subway train; other times, the other subway train leaves first [City Room]

Write-Offs: 9.2.15

Twitter needs to get its sh*t together; China looking for scapegoat; Hedge fund losses; "One-Wheeled 'Hoverboard' Rolling Onto Market"; and more.