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Bill Gross Ready To Explore The Golf Courses, Personal Insecurities Of Denver

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Just kidding. Janus Capital Group’s newest portfolio manager is responding to his “Mile High welcome” with a “get me the hell out of this Mile High hellhole and into some nice new office space in Newport Beach. Preferably with golf-course views.” Because now that he’s not running a company anymore, he’s going to be spending even more time on those links.

Bill Gross, the world's most famous bond investor, received a "Mile High welcome" at his new firm, Janus Capital Group Inc.

In a tweet published Wednesday morning, the Denver-based firm publicized an official welcome to Gross, which included a photo of him flanked by Janus CEO Dick Weil and president Bruce Koepfgen….

"After having spent considerable time serving in senior management, it is a time for me to reduce executive and people management responsibilities at a larger firm and focus on the pure aspects of portfolio management at a smaller one," he said.

Bill Gross gets “Mile High welcome” at Janus [Dow Jones via Denver Post]


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