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Bill Gross Will Destroy PIMCO Single-Handedly

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As in, he’s going to do it with one hand tied behind his back. Also with both eyes closed and only one trader. Then he’s going to re-grow his moustache and take his amazing show of bond-trading feats on the road to perform for the adoring crowds that are beyond doubt heading his way. Maybe he’ll even saw Mohamed El-Erian in half. That will show the naysayers.

“And it stands in stark contrast to Pimco, where Gross was able to get more and better information than any other bond investor, thanks to the firm’s army of traders, research analysts, portfolio managers, and other specialists, none of whom has joined Gross in leaving Pimco,” he said….

“The idea of Bill Gross rolling up his sleeves and single-handedly managing money at a startup fund is an intriguing one,” Mr. Desai said. “But the reality is that he has long relied on a talented team and vast pool of resources at Pimco that Janus can’t possibly match anytime soon.

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I'm sorry but I just don't recognize him. Source: Getty Images

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