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Bill Gross's Wife Had Two Vodka Martinis And Asked Him To Dance

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Naturally, the details of this event lead his latest (and inaugural at Janus) Investment Outlook.

Although we had figuratively waltzed through those three decades, I had from time to time wondered about the actual dancing. Oh, there had been the perfunctory wedding box-step in front of a gawking audience of 40 or so, but nothing much ever since. Blame it on me or Sue, or both of our reluctances to make fools of ourselves. Yet every so often Sue had hinted of her “disco” years before we had met – the flowing skirts, the Travolta “Stayin’ Alive” twirl – and somehow I felt that the missing link must somehow be me. Young Bill, as I explained to her during frequent missed dancing opportunities through the years, had taken ballroom dancing in the fifth grade and had learned to do a pretty fancy “bop” step as well. Yet somehow I never took the final step, the one where you ask your partner to dance! That all changed on September 2, 2014 – the day Sue asked me to dance! Maybe it was that extra vodka martini on her side of the table, maybe, as she said later that night, it was my “fluffy hair” or maybe it was just the fated last piece of a puzzle coming together on the perimeter of what to me has been a uniquely wonderful marriage. Whatever. We danced!

I must tell you though that this was no ordinary dance. She – the ex-Disco Queen – and I the young student of Arthur Murray, strutted, boogied, discoed with moves that neither of us thought we could ever do – sober or even mildly inebriated. We dipped, we twirled, I even did a bop or two. Travolta would have been proud. We were “Stayin’ Alive!” Most of all, however we smiled! Not the perfunctory smile of our self-conscious wedding dance three decades before, but big, huge, free-flowing grins of having fun – real fun on a dance floor!

October 2014 Investment Outlook [Janus Capital Group]

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