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Bonus Watch '14: Brits Earning Side Cash By Ratting Out "Ex-partners, Former bosses, And Neighbors" Re: Tax Dodging

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The Swiss may be getting a bit uncooperative, re: tax evaders. But there are other ways of getting people to talk. Well, one way: paying them.

More than 250 people a day are tipping off the authorities about suspected tax dodging by acquaintances such as ex-partners, former bosses and neighbours….

Last year a record £400,000 was paid out to people using the taxman’s hotline, as part of a rewards scheme offered by HMRC.

The majority who reported the tax affairs of others were thought to be bitter ex-wives and husbands or former work colleagues.

Informants given record £400,000 by ‘desperate’ taxman [Telegraph]
Swiss Banks Ask U.S. to Amend Proposed Tax Amnesty Deals [Bloomberg]


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