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Brett Icahn Has To Write ‘Dad Was Right About Netflix’ 200 Million Times

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Carl Icahn lost $200 million yesterday on Netflix, one of those newfangled technology stocks that his son is always pushing him to invest in. Now, Carl’s not happy about, but since he already made a 457% return when he unloaded half of his shares in the company last year, he’s not calling Brett in for a spanking. A “not so fast,” an “I told you so” and a “still not quite as sharp as the old man” might, however, be in order.

Carl Icahn has lost $200 million on Netflix stock since Wednesday, when the company's stock plunged 27% in after-hour trading….

Icahn owns almost 1.8 million shares of Netflix, according to government filings dating back to Jun. 30.

Carl Icahn Lost $200 Million On Netflix Overnight [BI]


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