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Chiropractics Not As Lucrative As Hedge-Fund Fraud

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Robert Buckhannon was doing just fine when he was (allegedly!) ripping investors off to the tune of $45 million. Now that he’s settled for adjusting spinal cords in Las Vegas and Battle Creek, Mich., things have been tougher, even before the prosecutors suggested he pony up 100,000 times what his lawyers say he’s got in the bank.

Buckhannon is accused of secretly funneling at least $341,000 of investor money to his family and associates, the indictment alleges. He spent $60,000 on an engagement ring for his fiance and $80,000 for a down payment on a Las Vegas house, the indictment alleges….

His court-appointed defense lawyer argued that Buckhannon was broke with an expired passport and doesn’t have money to flee the country. He said the defendant has $300 in the bank.

Ex-LV chiropractor arrested in $34M fraud scheme [Las Vegas Review-Journal]


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