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Deutsche Bank IBD Chief, The One Who's Had It With You F*cking A**holes, Gave His Wife A Momentary Scare

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Colin Fan, he of the "I have lost my patience" with you pricks video address, explains:

Colin Fan, the co-head of investment banking at Deutsche Bank, is a bit fed up. Specifically, he is annoyed with traders who are giving his industry a bad name. He made that much clear in an internal video that swiftly went viral in May after being leaked to the Financial Times. In the video, the 41-year-old faces the camera and scolds his employees, telling them he has “lost patience” with reckless messages similar to those discovered by global regulators and used in part to justify huge multimillion fines on banks like his own. “That almost caused my wife a heart attack,” he admits. “Somebody texted her and said ‘OMG, Colin’s video has gone viral’. The first thing she thought was: what stupid thing have you done that went viral?”

Colin Fan, Deutsche Bank: ‘OMG, Colin’s video has gone viral’ [FT via Jenny Anderson]

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