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Ex-Analyst Gets Four Months For Every Person He Told About Thing He Wasn’t Supposed To Know About

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The wrath of Preet Bharara has fallen on former hedge fund analyst Matthew Teeple, who just couldn’t stop talking about Brocade Communications’ plan to buy Foundry Networks six years ago: He called 15 people in one day—among them the CIO of Wyoming’s state pension system—while simultaneously convincing his colleagues at Artis Capital Management to trade on the tip. All of which, he now knows, makes it much easier to catch an insider-trader, and much, much easier to convict one.

A former analyst at a San Francisco hedge fund who prosecutors say engaged in an "unparalleled" spree of tipping inside information he obtained from an executive at Foundry Networks Inc was sentenced on Thursday to five years in prison.

Matthew Teeple, the former Artis Capital Management analyst, was also ordered by U.S. District Judge Robert Patterson in Manhattan to pay $653,890 in fines and forfeitures.

Hedge fund analyst gets five years in U.S. prison for insider trading scheme [Reuters]



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