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Father/Son Duo Team Up To Bring You The Rolls Royce Of Marijuana Storage

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Josh Gordon is an Fordham business school grad and entrepreneur with a product he's about to bring to the marketplace. His father is an former Morgan Stanley employee and "conservative guy," who was probably hoping his son would follow his footsteps onto Wall Street. Maybe the fact that Josh didn't even affected their relationship. Maybe there was tension at Thanksgiving. Awkward silences that were reminiscent of the feeling in the air after, as a kid, Josh would turn down invitations from his old man to have a catch or go fishing. No matter: father and son have clearly connected now, in their bid to offer people a classier option than whatever they've been using to this point to stash their joints and various other vehicles for weed.

Josh Gordon would cut a dashing figure in a suit. He grew up in Miami, Fla., as the son of two private wealth managers and saw himself going into the same field. He enrolled in Fordham Graduate School of Business, moved to the Upper West Side and had some interviews for jobs with investment banks. But, it turns out, a suit’s not his style. It was at Fordham that, for a class project four years ago, he did research into the new legal marijuana economy. Some people’s eyes get red around marijuana; Gordon’s filled with dollar signs. The budding economy was in need of some refinement, and he saw a plan. He soon built a prototype: a sleek tin carrying case for joints — something that would do for doobies what the velvet bag does for Crown Royal.

“You go into a dispensary and buy $100 worth of cannabis and it’s coming in that bag you got when you were going to school,” the 27-year-old says in a glass-lined conference room on West Broadway. His dad, whom Gordon calls “a conservative guy” who retired from Wall Street five years ago, was skeptical at first. But he eventually joined Gordon to put in an initial $60,000 and raise $500,000 in seed capital to start Bureau (formerly known as Rodawg), which wants to position its marijuana storage devices as a lifestyle brand for dispensaries and users, on par with the likes of John Varvatos and Godiva chocolates.

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