Goldman Sachs Just Wants A Winner


Lloyd Blankfein may have a direct line to the Big Guy Upstairs, but he seems to have been withholding some crucial information in recent years, based on certain bets made by GS. That Romney character is not President of the United States, Goldman’s best check-writing efforts notwithstanding, and Brazil is rather emphatically not sporting a sixth star on their soccer jerseys these days. But if the polls are right—and, really, when are they not?—Goldman won’t be backing the wrong horse this time around.

The firm, once a reliable supporter of the Democratic Party, is now the biggest backer of Republicans on Wall Street. In the current election cycle, Goldman’s employees have donated $1.75 million to Republicans, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. That is 63% of the firm’s political donations.

Overheard: Goldman Is GOP Stalwart [WSJ]