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Jefferies Exec (Allegedly!) Held An Offsite "Mushrooms Day"

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His estranged wife also claims in a court filing that he held a one-man scavenger hunt for said shrooms.

>"In the summer of 2011...Sage had a 'mushroom day' at the Sag Harbor Home. The usual cast of characters-- including most of the people to whom Sage has requested this Court to direct my attorney and me not to contact-- was present. By 11:00 a.m., Sage had consumed so many mushrooms and was so out of control that his friends and business associates collectively decided to hide the bag of mushrooms from Sage-- out of their concern that one more mushroom might lead to an overdose. We were all stunned, therefore, at the sight of Sage-- with his own blood purposefully smeared on his face in several long lines-- walking towards us outside the home. After exclaiming, 'I found the bag!,' Sage popped yet another mushroom into his mouth."

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