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Ken Griffin, Anne Dias-Griffin Not Yet Done Taking Respective Gloves Off Vis-à-Vis Their Divorce

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Back in July, Chicago, Wall Street, and the universe, really, were rocked by the prospect of Citadel founder Ken Griffin losing his title as World’s Richest Illinoisan, following the news that he and his wife were getting divorced. For those who haven't been following the story, a quick refresh:

* July 23, 2014: Ken's lawyers serve Anne with divorce papers.
* July 23, 2014, later that day: Anne's lawyer says in a statement that Ken "unilaterally filed a divorce petition...with no notice to either me or my client, knowing full well that she had just left for summer vacation with their three young children and would therefore be unable to respond."
* July 24, 2014: Ken's lawyers preemptively put it out there that the couple's prenup is: "...valid, binding and enforceable..."
* September 2, 2014: Anne Dias Griffin says fuck you and fuck your prenup; says through a lawyer she wants it voided; claims that Ken sprung the prenup on her three days before their wedding, then got her to sign it by suggesting the two see a therapist while failing to mention he was already a patient of said therapist.
* September 3, 2014: Re: allegations by Anne that he's an absentee father, Ken brings out the big guns: "A source close to Mr. Griffin called the father of three a devoted dad who’s been known to dress as Spider-Man for a school Halloween party and as a prince for a daughter’s birthday party that had a princess theme."

Which brings us to today. From Ken's camp, there's the news that Anne's already received a sizable chunk of change over the course of their marriage. From Anne's, it's that Ken's changed the locks on their many vacations homes and maybe threatened to take a wrecking ball to their Chicago penthouse?

According to the filings, Ms. Griffin began receiving millions of dollars from the start of their union and then received cash payments of about $1 million a year for each year of their marriage. She also received joint ownership of Mr. Griffin’s Chicago penthouse, which was valued at $11 million and was designated the family home. In all, Ms. Griffin received more than $37 million in cash payments and half of the Chicago residence...Separately, Ms. Griffin wrote in a court filing that her husband had forbidden her from entering the family’s homes in Colorado, Hawaii, Miami and New York. She also contended that Mr. Griffin had unilaterally shut down their charitable organization and threatened to demolish part of the family’s primary Chicago residence.

Obviously a lot of crazy things get said in the heat of a moment when a marriage is falling apart but seriously, what was he planning on doing re: "demolishing" part of their house? Are we talking, say, a sledge hammer to a load-bearing wall or burning down the east wing? Or was demolished not supposed to be taken in a literal sense and he meant, like, he was going to track mud through the foyer and muss up the sheets of a carefully made guest room bed?

Citadel’s Griffin Outlines Terms of Prenuptial Agreement in Divorce Fight [Dealbook]

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