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Ken Griffin Introduces The Concept Of His Divorce Voice

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As those of you keeping up with the conscious uncoupling of Kenneth Griffin and his soon-to-be ex-wife Anne Dias Griffin know, both the Citadel founder and his bride have been playing the hardest of ball re: marital assets, reputations, etc, since he filed for divorce over the summer, maintaining, through their attorneys, that each other can suck it. For her part, Anne has alleged that Ken:

  • Surprised her divorce papers while she was on vacation with their three children
  • Had a couple's therapist he was seeing on his own convince her to sign a pre-nup
  • Is an absentee father
  • Changed the locks on their houses
  • "...threatened to demolish part of the family’s primary Chicago residence"

In response, Ken has:

  • Reminded Anne about the time he dressed up "as Spider-Man for a school Halloween party and as a prince for a daughter’s birthday party"
  • Reiterated that if Anne thinks she's getting a dime more the prenup stipulates, she oughta think again

...and most recently, said in court filings that 1. Use of his private jet is privilege, not a right and 2. What she might have interpreted as terrifying verbal abuse was simply how he talks when he's divorcing someone and not cause for alarm.

In a 23-page filing lodged late Wednesday in a Cook County, Ill. circuit court, Ken Griffin -- whose wife on October 2 asked, among other things, for a temporary restraining order to bar him from entering her current residence – moves to dismiss that and other claims. "Anne's petition is nothing more than a plea for this Court to require Ken to fund her affluent lifestyle, notwithstanding her own substantial wealth, and notwithstanding the premarital agreement in which she knowingly and voluntarily waived any right to spousal support or maintenance from Ken," Griffin writes. Given Dias Griffin's own means, which Griffin estimates in the filing to be "approximately $50 million or more," his wife, herself a onetime hedge-fund manager and active philanthropist, is amply capable of supporting herself, he asserts. Griffin states in the new filing that in spite of tough allegations by Dias Griffin that he has threatened to "crush her" with their prenuptial agreement or "destroy" her in the divorce proceedings, the arguments the two have had are in fact "at most an ordinary level of discord and disagreement between two parties involved in divorce litigation." The filing goes on to cite a prior case determining that "becoming 'angry, upset, and loud' does not constitute harassment or abuse." [...]

He also defends his right to have taken some of the disputed actions, including removing property and terminating certain household staff. "Most importantly," the filing states, "Anne cannot support her claim that she has a clearly ascertainable right to have Ken fund purchases of couture clothing, helicopter rides, private air travel, and whatever lifestyle she chooses based on Ken's 'total financial resources.'" He adds: "Anne also suggests that she is entitled to use of Ken's two private aircraft," but that private air travel "certainly is not a 'right,' and its deprivation does not constitute irreparable injury."

Citadel founder's divorce battle over property gets uglier [NetNet]

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