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Larry Fink: BlackRock Completely Different Operation Than You-Know-What, Formerly Run By You-Know-Who

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He didn’t use the P-word, or the BG-words. He never said, “unlike those assholes.” He didn’t have to, because it doesn’t take Michel Foucault to read between these lines of BlackRock’s Larry Fink.

“Clients are turning to us more than ever before because of our consistency of 26 years of a comprehensive and deliberate investment process,” Mr. Fink told analysts on the call….

“The team-based approach is a critical differentiator for BlackRock,” Mr. Fink said on the call. “We do not and never had a centralized CIO. We do not have a house view or any one person setting a single investment platform….”

In an interview following the earnings call, Mr. Fink declined to discuss Pimco specifically. “We’re really well positioned in the fixed-income markets today as well as any time in our history,” he said.

BlackRock Positions Itself Against Pimco [WSJ]


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