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Let Other Statistics Assure You That Statistic Showing D.C. Is More Expensive Than New York Is Total Garbage

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Any report that says the fetid swamp that serves as capital of this country is a more expensive place to live than the greatest city on earth is suspect to begin with. It becomes even more highly so when it suggests that Baltimore is pricier than Boston and Detroit than Miami. But the final nail in the coffin is certainly the news that said report is taking into account $100,000 A-frames in the Poconos for purposes of comparison.

Still, we need more, because if we’re paying $5K a month for a two-ish bedroom, this had better be the most expensive city in the country. And it is, except by one measure, under which Honolulu is the most expensive, which we can live with a damned sight better than D.C., which, by the way, is cheaper than Queens.

In New York City, housing is more expensive than in D.C. City-wide New York home prices are 16% higher than D.C., according to Zillow, and that’s including the farthest reaches of the Bronx and Staten Island.

If by “the city” one means Manhattan, then homes are nearly triple the price in D.C.

No, Washington, D.C., Is Not More Expensive than New York City [WSJ Real Time Economics blog]


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