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Martin Coward Still Working On Algorithm Telling Him When To Cut His Losses

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Unfortunately for the IKOS Asset Management co-founder and quant (if not husband) extraordinaire, it’s not ready and those losses are mounting rapidly.

He was ordered to pay huge legal bills in the case, which were made up of £13million racked up by Ikos for his wife's side and another £6million incurred by Dr Coward personally, the court heard….

In a written ruling Mr Justice David Richards, sitting with Lord Justice Moore-Bick and Lord Justice Ryder, said the huge bills 'dwarf the great majority of civil claims, including most claims in the High Court.'

Hedge fund boss faces £19MILLON legal bill after losing High Court battle over firm he founded with former wife [Daily Mail]
Britain’s costliest divorce as seen by the nanny: Ex-soldier’s ringside view of London power couple’s war over a £2.3billion hedge fund… and £200m fortune [Daily Mail]

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