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Robert Benmosche Has Found His True Calling

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Sure, he was the best CEO in American history. But as those who watched his heroic struggle to repay taxpayers all of those billions while avoiding the occasional racist remark know that, above all, the man is a wordsmith. Now, he’ll compile those bon mots into book form, and he doesn’t really even care if you buy one; he’s doing just fine.

Mr. Benmosche will write “Good for the Money, My Fight to Pay Back America,” with two co-authors.,,,

In an interview, Mr. Benmosche declined to specify the amount of the advance but terms it “very modest,” noting that “the intent is to get the story out. If it sells, that’s where the money will be.” He said the focus will be “how do you lead through challenging times and get the done job?”

AIG’s Benmosche Joins List of Financial-Crisis Players Putting Pen To Paper [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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