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Square Footage Watch '14: Bill Gross

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Gross is reportedly losing office space faster than assets but the good news is that if he's ever feeling cramped, he can take a quick walk over to his old digs and stretch his shit out, assuming his old Pimco ID still works, which is admittedly a big if.

Janus signed a lease for 2,500 square feet (232 square meters) of move-in ready suites at the newly built 520 Newport Center tower, next to the Fashion Island Shopping Center in Newport Beach, California, landlord Irvine Co. said today. Janus, based in Denver, didn’t previously have an office in the oceanside community, where Pimco is based. Janus moved into the offices late last month, said Michael Lyster, an Irvine Co. spokesman. He wouldn’t disclose the length of the lease. Move-in ready space like the type Janus is renting typically has terms of two to five years, he said. The 21-story tower is a five-minute walk from Irvine Co.’s 650 Newport Center Drive, where Pimco has about 400,000 square feet.

Can You Cram Bill Gross Into 2,500 Square Feet a 5-Minute Walk From Pimco? Yes [Bloomberg]


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