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Steve Cohen Getting Ready To Celebrate 5th Anniversary Of Being Sued By Ex-Wife

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This December will mark five years since Patricia Cohen, Steve's first wife, came back into his life with the fury of a thousand Preet Bhararas. To celebrate, he's going to smother her with a pillow. Just kidding, that's for year six. For five, he's going with this:

Billionaire Steven A. Cohen asked a judge to order his ex-wife to surrender e-mails she exchanged with a lawyer who twice sued him, saying the communications will help him defend a fraud suit she filed against him. Patricia Cohen sued SAC Capital Advisors LP founder Steven Cohen in 2009, claiming he concealed during their divorce and afterward the existence of $5.5 million he got from real estate investments. Steven Cohen today asked U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska in New York to order his ex-wife to produce at least 57 e-mails from 2006 and 2007 that she shared with attorney Michael Bowe, who sued him and his SAC Capital on behalf of Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. and Biovail Corp. Steven Cohen said the e-mails will help prove that Patricia Cohen waited too long to file her lawsuit. Patricia Cohen “had dozens of communications over the course of at least six months” with Bowe, Steven Cohen’s lawyer, Martin Klotz, said in a letter to Preska. Bowe, a lawyer at Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP in Manhattan, declined to comment on Steven Cohen’s request.

Steve Cohen Seeks Ex-Wife’s Records in Defense to Lawsuit [Bloomberg]

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