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Write-Offs: 10.02.14

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$$$High-Speed Trader Accused of Commodity Market ‘Spoofing’ [Bloomberg]

$$$Allianz CEO Michael Diekmann to Step Down [WSJ]

$$$ "Merrill, 44, sees himself as a rebel in the world of finance. He looks the part, with shoulder-length hair, a tattoo with peacock feather patterns on his left arm and black fingernail polish on his left hand. He’s one of dozens of entrepreneurs tapping the vast new storage and analytical capabilities of the Internet in a quest to modernize -- and perhaps take over -- the credit-scoring decisions that are at the heart of consumer finance." [Bloomberg]

$$$ As bond traders began what they thought would be a quiet day last Friday, a simple headline crossed their screens: “William H. Gross joins Janus Capital." Confusion ensued. Several asset managers and traders wondered whether the news was about Pimco's co-founder, known to most on Wall Street simply as Bill Gross, or someone else with the same name. "The question was, 'Is it THAT William H. Gross?'" said Lou Brien, a veteran market strategist at DRW Trading, a 22-year-old trading firm in Chicago active in futures markets. [Reuters]

$$$ A judge tossed a $100 million lawsuit against Nike filed by an Oregon pimp who blamed the athletic wear giant for failing to warn him its shoes could be used to inflict bloody damage. Sirgiorgiro Clardy, 27, wore Air Jordan kicks when he stomped a john who failed to pay one of his prostitutes in June 2012. Sentenced to 100 years in prison for the bloody Portland beating, the desperate pimp tried to pin his troubles on Nike, the behemoth headquartered in Beaverton, Ore. [NYDN]

$$$Humans Lose to Machines in $500 Billion-a-Day Bond Market [Bloomberg]

$$$IMF warns of 'mediocre' growth, calls for coordinated action [Reuters]

$$$Another Couple Arrested For Public Sex At Giant Florida Retirement Community [TSG]


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