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Write-Offs: 10.20.14

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$$$Federal Reserve Bank of New York President William Dudley said the government will have to consider breaking up large financial institutions if Wall Street doesn’t stop excessive risk-taking and breaking the law. Mr. Dudley, in a speech sharply critical of bank behavior, also suggested top management bear the financial brunt of regulatory fines levied for wrongdoing. [WSJ]

$$$Wall Street Wants Government Group On Cyber Security [FT]

$$$Former Pimco Parent Pacific Life Moves Accounts to Janus [Bloomberg]

$$$Chanos: Petrobras is a 'scheme, not a stock' [BloombergTV]

$$$The case of the missing Count Chocula cereal boxes was solved Friday, when a craft brewer admitted to buying them to brew in a small-batch beer. Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins bought two Albertsons' inventories of the iconic chocolate and marshmallow-bit cereal, puzzling at least one shopper in the process. "Every year I greatly look forward to the month of October when I can purchase a few boxes of this delicious chococlatey (sic) goodness," Kristen Clark wrote in a letter to the Coloradoan. Clark is a "vegetarian and organic food eater for the most part," but said she makes an exception once a year at Halloween for the 43-year-old General Mills cereal. Every year, that is, until this year. [Coloradoan]

$$$Why High-Frequency Trading Is So Hard to Regulate [Dealbook]

$$$IBM Is in Even Worse Shape Than It Seemed [BusinessWeek]

$$$Man Accused Of Stealing Restaurant Plumbing [AP]