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Argentina Focused On Minor Diplomatic Incident, Less Focused On Default

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Forget about tomorrow’s likely electoral thrashing; President Obama has a much more serious problem on his hands. Argentina has done some Googling and learned that the part-time head of a minor U.S. government advisory board is also the part-time head of a group that thinks Argentina should maybe pay its bills. The discovery made Argentine President Cristina Kirchner so angry that she went straight to the hospital with a fever after tweeting about it.

Kirchner said Nancy Soderberg, who heads the Public Interest Declassification Board advisory committee that promotes access to national security archives, is also the co-chair of the American Task Force Argentina (ATFA), an organization "specifically created to attack and slander the Argentine Republic and its president."

"If confirmed by you, (this) would have grave implications for relations between our two countries," Kirchner wrote in a letter to US President Barack Obama.

Elsewhere in Buenos Aires, that American civics textbook has either not reached the country’s corridors of power, or Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich hasn’t gotten to the section headed, “Absolute Judicial Immunity.”

“Instead of demanding the acceleration, bondholders should take legal actions against (US Judge Thomas) Griesa who is improperly withholding funds,” the chief of ministers said in his daily press briefing at the government house….

“The one breaking the law is the judge himself, not Argentina,” he stressed and added that “ruling after ruling, judge Griesa reaffirms the situation of judicial limbo.”

Argentina’s Kirchner launches new attack on the U.S. [AFP via Yahoo! News]
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