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Bonus Watch '14: Former AIG Chiefs Who Think Someone Pissed In Their Kasha

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It's looking like Hank Greenberg ('s lawyer) might actually convince people he was wronged.

Lawyer David Boies has a shot at an upset win in the trial of Maurice “Hank” Greenberg’s $25 billion bailout case against the U.S. government, a turnaround from the weak odds he was given just a month ago. Boies, representing Greenberg and other American International Group Inc. (AIG) shareholders, has had a series of evidentiary rulings go his way since the trial began Sept. 29 in Washington. He’s also extracted useful admissions from witnesses to support Greenberg’s claims that the government set illegally harsh terms, including demanding an 80 percent equity stake as consideration for an $85 billion loan in the 2008 deal. “I think the odds are good that Boies’s side will win, and they’ll get a meaningful number,” said Susan Webber, a founder of Aurora Advisors Inc., a management consultancy, who has followed the case for her Naked Capitalism blog. “Then the howling will start.”

Boies Poised for Possible Upset in AIG $25 Billion Bailout Trial [Bloomberg]


Hank Greenberg Wins AIG Case, Snowball Does Not Get A New Pair Of Shoes

A judge ruled in Greenberg's favor but not in the monetary sense.