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Bonus Watch ’14: Hedge Funds

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“Performance contributions” to hedge-fund paydays have been “variable,” indeed, generally to the detriment of hedge-fund investors. But since those generous folks keep handing billion after billion over, it would be churlish for their managers to refuse a cut of the 2% they clearly want to give them just for holding that money.

Money managers at hedge-fund firms that oversee more than $4 billion earned about $2.4 million this year, an increase of almost 8 percent….

“Hedge-fund bonus pools continue to grow in 2014, inflated by management fee income, even if the performance contributions are more variable,” Anthony Keizner, the head of Glocap’s hedge fund practice, said in the statement.

Hedge Fund Manager Compensation Rises 8% to $2.4 Million [Bloomberg]


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