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Bonus Watch ’15: Morgan Stanley

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Need a new car? New house? New lung? New wife? Brokers, be warned: You might want to spend your whole bonus next year in one place, but you will not be able to.

The firm's 16,000-plus brokers, who this week were mailed their 2014 bonus totals but have not yet been told of the 2015 formula, will have from 1.5 percent to 15.5 percent of their cash and stock bonuses deferred, said a source familiar with the plan….

Brokers who produce $1.1 million to $1.65 million of revenue, slightly above average, will have 10 percent of their bonus deferred, the source said. One-fourth will continue to be paid in stock collected after four years and 75 percent in cash that vests over eight years.

Morgan Stanley to defer more bonus pay for brokers in 2015 [Reuters]


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