Charlie Gasparino Rains The Fury Of A Thousand Thesauruses Down On Ron Isnana


Earlier today, Fox Business revealed a new print campaign it's running, which takes the network's previous tagline for reporter Charlie Gasparino-- "Charlie Breaks It"-- and adds "Others Follow." The suggestion here is that Mr. Gasparino beats all other outlets on Wall Street's biggest stories and at least competitor with a social media presence didn't appreciate the insinuation: CNBC's Ron Insana. So he did what anyone living in these times does when he or she believes something wrong is happening: took to Twitter. Here's what Insana had to say:

As those of you familiar with Charles's temperament and commitment to fact checking might have guessed, that statement didn't fly. Naturally, instead of responding with a single strand of 140 characters, Gasparino unleashed a torrent of Tweets that would make a Word of the Day calendar quiver. Let's take a look.

Obviously the situation is fluid. We'll keep you posted.

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