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Correction: Barry Diller Might Be The Kind Of CEO Who Fires You For Stuff Like Drawing His Face On A Penis

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Back in July, it emerged via a lawsuit against Tinder chief Sean Rad for sexual harassment of a female executive that Rad had allegedly "described his boss, IAC/InterActiveCorp Chairman Diller, as a d–k and texting a drawing of Diller as such." That Rad stayed on as head of the company when Diller could've easily fired him seemed evidence that, unlike some other CEOs, BD was not the kind to fire you for stuff like drawing his face on a penis. Now, though, it seems that he might be, he just takes his time when doing so.

Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad — who allegedly described Diller, the head of parent IAC/InterActiveCorp, as a d–k along with a picture to illustrate the insult — is finally headed for the exit. IAC, Tinder’s largest stakeholder, is looking for a CEO with more gravitas to replace the 27-year-old Rad, who will stay on until the company finds “an Eric Schmidt-like person” to replace him, Forbes reported on Tuesday. Rad’s penis put-down emerged in July as part of an explosive lawsuit filed by Whitney Wolfe, a former Tinder executive who says she was sexually harassed by Rad and fellow co-founder Justin Mateen. The latter resigned in September, the same month the suit was settled. But Rad stayed on as CEO for nearly four months after allegations emerged that he texted a photo of a drawing of Diller’s initials, “BD,” formed into the shape of a penis, and tolerated other frat-house antics. Now it looks like Diller was just waiting for the suit to go away before getting rid of Rad.

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