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Divorce Watch '14: Billionaire Loses Rocks, Gets To Keep Sentimental Shotguns

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All in all Harold Hamm ended up doing okay for himself.

Continental Resources Inc. Chairman Harold Hamm was ordered to pay $972 million of his $16.1 billion oil industry fortune to his wife, while retaining the bulk of his 68 percent ownership stake in the company following a contentious divorce trial in an Oklahoma City courthouse. Hamm, 68, who helped pioneer shale exploration in the Bakken of North Dakota and Montana, served as an energy adviser to 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He is the chairman and largest shareholder of Continental, the biggest leaseholder in the Bakken oil basin, and the region’s top oil producer. Sue Ann Hamm, his wife of 24 years, will receive $7 million a month until the balance she’s owed under the decree is paid, which was signed today by Oklahoma state judge Harold Haralson. Along with cash, the wife was awarded the couple’s $4.7 million home in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, their $15 million ranch in California’s Carmel Valley and all of its livestock except a pair of horses named “Star” and “Uno.” “In the last minutes of the trial,” Hamm “requested that he be awarded certain family pictures, a few books, guns, shotguns, some pictures, geode in quartz display and his hand tools,” according to the divorce papers. The court agreed to everything except the rock display, which was given to his wife, an attorney who worked for a time in the gas trading and oil marketing departments of his company.

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