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‘Exploiting A Loophole In Banking Regulation And Using It To Unduly Influence Commodities Markets’ Is Not One Of Goldman’s Best Trading Ideas For Next Year

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To be fair, great idea though it may be, it is available only to a very limited set of investors, in this case a set of one. But if you can’t beat the Brotherhood of the Sach—and you cannot—you can at least join them in shorting the euro, buying 10-year T-bills at between 2% and 3%, and siding with nickel over copper. Also:

#5 – Long an equity basket of emerging market crude oil importers
#6 – Sell the Swiss franc against the Swedish krona
#8 – Long dollar against a basket of the South African rand and the Hungarian forint

Here Are Goldman Sachs’ Top Trades for 2015 [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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