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‘Exploiting A Loophole In Banking Regulation And Using It To Unduly Influence Commodities Markets’ Is Not One Of Goldman’s Best Trading Ideas For Next Year


To be fair, great idea though it may be, it is available only to a very limited set of investors, in this case a set of one. But if you can’t beat the Brotherhood of the Sach—and you cannot—you can at least join them in shorting the euro, buying 10-year T-bills at between 2% and 3%, and siding with nickel over copper. Also:

#5 – Long an equity basket of emerging market crude oil importers
#6 – Sell the Swiss franc against the Swedish krona
#8 – Long dollar against a basket of the South African rand and the Hungarian forint

Here Are Goldman Sachs’ Top Trades for 2015 [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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You Say ‘Prop Trading,’ I Say ‘Market Making’

You say "Potato," Goldman says "Not junk bonds."

Smiling again. By US Federal Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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And that extra $5mil was just burning a hole in his pocket.

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A cheap and easy way to profit from the junk-bond collapse!


Tax Loophole Closure Forcing Steve Cohen Back To Work

Won’t someone please find the loophole to the loophole before it’s too late?

By SimpleIcon ( [CC BY 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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‘Direct access to Dmitry Balyasny’ has proven pretty costly.