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Firing Dov Charney Has Not Solved American Apparel’s Problems

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Wringing its hands over whether it should have fired him and whether he should be un-fired in some capacity isn’t helping.

The company, which has been without a permanent chief executive ever since, reported a net loss of $19.2 million, or 11 cents a share, most of which was nonrecurring costs, including $5.3 million in legal and other costs connected to Mr. Charney’s departure.

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Hedge Fund Trying To Destroy American Apparel Because It Fired Dov Charney: Lawsuit

So sayeth Eliana Gil Rodriguez, a "former employee and friend of Charney’s."

Dov Charney Still Doing His Thing

His thing being stuff like "Trespassing on company property and threatening employees who do not support his return by taking their photos and promising to fire them once he returns."