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Goldman Partnership Means Ability To Turn Lots Of Money Into Even More Money

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The prestige, the salary bump, the fancy new titanium business cards, the gilded loins. All of these are among the things that make a Goldman Sachs partnership so coveted—and so sparingly gifted. The ability to put some of those impressive new bonuses to work in the most exclusive private-equity fund on earth, one that promises to effectively double your pay sans fee if you do it right? Yea, that’s another.

Goldman Sachs has brought back Bridge Street funds, which allow senior employees to invest alongside the bank in closely held companies without having to pay fees….

Employee private-equity funds are one of the extras that make rewards at Goldman Sachs the envy of Wall Street. Chief Executive Officer Lloyd C. Blankfein received $125.9 million from the funds in the past five years, more than he was awarded in salary and bonuses over the same period, filings show.

Goldman Partners Profit From No-Fee Private-Equity Funds [Bloomberg]



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