Government May Hear About The Time Steve Cohen Tore Out The '39' Tag In His Dress Pants, Had A '31' Sewn In


Also about how he had "no idea" who might've been responsible for sideswiping Tim in accounting's driver side mirror, despite the fact that he was seen peeling out of the parking lot at the time of the incident. This upcoming bout truthiness brought to you by Cohen's ex-bride, Patricia C.

SAC Capital Advisors LP founder Steven Cohen was ordered by a judge to face questions in his ex-wife’s post-divorce fraud lawsuit about times he may have been ‘untruthful,’’ including during the government’s insider-trading probe of his hedge fund. Patricia Cohen sued her ex-husband in 2009 alleging that he concealed a $5.5 million payment he received from real estate deal pending at the time of their 1990 divorce. Steven Cohen today lost his bid to throw out the case, which was reinstated by a federal appeals court last year after being dismissed in 2011. Cohen can be questioned under oath by his ex-wife’s lawyers about the government’s sprawling insider-trading investigation of SAC Capital, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska in Manhattan ruled today. Preska said it goes to Cohen’s credibility.

SAC’s Cohen Must Face Ex-Wife’s Suit, Truthfulness Query [Bloomberg]