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Gretchen Morgenson Not Thrilled With SEC’s Dodd-Frank Prioritizing

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The anti-ARS thinks it’s odd that something so simple as requiring clawback provisions regardless of fault apparently falls somewhere between 95th and 102nd on the list. I mean, it’s not like new compensation rules have ever generated any kind of complication or evasive action or anything, so just slap the damned thing together.

Of the 102 regulations it had to write, the agency says it has completed all but eight. Still, the S.E.C.’s inertia on compensation recovery seems odd, given that this issue was among the least complex in Dodd-Frank….

“On the one hand, it’s not a very complicated rule,” he said in an interview last week. “But on the other hand, the industry and its lawyers have made it incredibly complicated. Anything that touches on compensation always generates a huge fight.”

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