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Jury: Former UBS Exec Neither A Snitch Nor A Felon

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The former UBS wealth-management head sure is glad he didn’t do what lawyers not involved in his helping people evade taxes case suggested, instead choosing to follow Jed Rakoff’s advice and see what a jury said about it. They said, “you’re free to go,” and with gusto.

A South Florida jury took only an hour to acquit former UBS AG wealth-management chief Raoul Weil of criminal charges he helped wealthy Americans evade taxes….

Not long after Judge James Cohn sent the jury to deliberate, they sent back a note, written in large capital letters with two exclamation points at the end: “WE HAVE A VERDICT!!”

Acquittal Deals U.S. a Blow in Tax-Cheat Crackdown [WSJ]
Why Innocent People Plead Guilty [New York Review of Books]


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