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Paul Singer Finds Someone Else To Be Annoyed With

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So CalPERS thinks that hedge funds are too opaque, too complex, too expensive and just not right for it? Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong!

"We are certainly not in a position to be opining on the 'asset class' of hedge funds, or on any of the specific funds that were held or rejected by CalPERS, but we think the decision to abandon hedge funds altogether is off-base," Singer wrote in a recent letter to clients of his $25.4 billion Elliott Management Corp….

"It is precisely complexity that provides the opportunity for certain managers to generate different patterns of returns than those available from securities, markets and styles that are accessible to anyone and everyone," the letter said….

"We also never understood the discussions framed around full transparency. While nobody wants to invest in a black box, Elliott (and other funds) trade positions that could be harmed by public knowledge of their size, short-term direction or even their identity."

"We at Elliott do not understand manager selection criteria based on the level of fees rather than on the result that investors could reasonably expect after fees and expenses are taken into account," he wrote.

Paul Singer: CalPERS ‘off-base’ to ax hedge funds [NetNet]



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