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Paul Singer Keeping Busy This Week

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In addition to what we can only assume was the wild celebration at Chez Singer on Tuesday night, and into yesterday morning, the Elliott Management chief is finding time for lots of things this week. Like, for instance, in-depth analysis of the reaction to the Ebola virus epidemic, and his continuingsearch for something of Argentina’s that he can seize. That may be plenty to occupy the average hedge-fund billionaire, but not Paul Singer, who in spite of his euphoria over President Obama’s humiliation is still really quite angry about all of the money he didn’t make when AbbVie decided not to buy Shire.

"We are exploring our options with respect to this matter, including whether to assert claims against AbbVie for making false and misleading statements about the transaction," the fund wrote in the letter.

And all of this as he prepares to tackle a buddy of Argentina’s indicted vice president as he tries to get on a plane at Dulles tomorrow, the better to pepper him with questions! And blows, maybe!

Billionaire hedge fund managerPaul Singer’s NML Capital Ltd. asked for an emergency court order to keep Argentine lawyer Cesar Guido Forcieri in the U.S. to answer questions about assets that might be tapped to pay off $1.7 billion in judgments against the South American nation….

Forcieri has “imminent plans” to leave the country permanently on Nov. 8, the hedge fund said. NML asked a judge to force him to turn over his passport and stay in the U.S.

Elliott Associates may sue AbbVie over scuttled deal [Reuters]
Singer Seeks Order to Keep Argentine Lawyer in U.S. [Bloomberg]


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