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Pimco Ready To Show Just How Much It Doesn’t Need Bill Gross

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The maestro’s former fund still exists, as the company will demonstrate today. Sure, it’s trading with a lot less money. But it’s a survivor, and it’s even doing basically the same stuff that Gross did before he quit before he could be fired pursued a new opportunity in Denver.

Pacific Investment Management Co. plans to release new figures detailing the makeup of its Total Return Fund on Wednesday….

Investors and analysts say they don’t expect any radical changes in the composition of the fund.

And you know what? Even if the Total Return Fund wasn’t still the world’s largest bond fund (it is, for now)? Even if it completely went away, just like Bill Gross? Even if the equivalent of TWO Total Return Funds went away? Pimco would still be fine, thank you. Just ask Morningstar.

Pacific Investment Management Co can withstand additional outflows of about $300 billion to $350 billion over the next two years before its portfolio management operation is impaired, according to research firm Morningstar Inc on Tuesday.

Pimco to Give First Glimpse of Total Return Fund Since Bill Gross’s Departure [WSJ]
Pimco can stand up to $350B in outflows: report [Reuters via CNBC]


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