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The Triumphant Return Of Steve Cohen (To Sotheby’s)

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It’s been a while since Steve Cohen had a little shop therapy to help deal with, well, you know. Since then, he’s maybe been feeling a little strapped. Something about having to cough up $1.2 billion over some garbage that he had absolutely nothing to do with, perhaps. Since then, things are looking up, and the big guy has gone from seller to buyer—attention: Art & Auction magazine—in a big way.

The lone bidder who spent $101 million at Sotheby’s last Tuesday night for Giacometti’s “Chariot,’’ a 1950 sculpture of a spindly woman riding atop a chariot, was the hedge fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen, experts with knowledge of the sale said Monday….

“Steve is a very serious, very astute collector,’’ Mr. Acquavella said. “He also has just the right instincts, ones that can’t be learned from reading art history books.’’

Steven A. Cohen Was Buyer of Giacometti’s ‘Chariot,’ for $101 Million [NYT ArtsBeat blog]


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