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Two and a Half Men Star/Venture Capitalist Was Just Kidding About Liking The Idea Of Investigating Journalists

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Ashton Kutcher was just doing a little thought experiment. Don't worry about it.

Ashton Kutcher rode to Uber’s defense — and just as quickly hit reverse — after an executive of the car service suggested hiring a team to smear the company’s critics. The “Two and a Half Men” actor and Uber investor waded into the debate over the company’s strong-arm tactics by firing off nearly a dozen tweets on Wednesday morning and calling out “shady journalists.”

@aplusk What is so wrong about digging up dirt on shady journalist? @pando @TechCrunch @Uber

@aplusk So as long as journalist are interested and willing to print half truths as facts... Yes we should question the source.

...As his comments lit up Twitter, Ashton appeared to backpedal just as quickly, or within half an hour of kicking off his rant.

@aplusk U r all right and I'm on the wrong side of this ultimately. I just wish journalists were held to the same standards as public figures.

He even went so far as to suggest that he was trying to elicit a response and simply playing the media’s own game.

Ashton Kutcher races to Uber’s defense, then backs off [NYP]

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