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Uber Execs (Presumably!) Draw The Line At Tailing Reporters' Cars In Real Time

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While I was reporting my recent cover story on Uber and its CEO Travis Kalanick, several current and former Uber employees warned me that company higher-ups might access my rider logs. Because I couldn't independently verify these claims without sacrificing my sources' anonymity, I didn't include them in the final piece. However, in light of Buzzfeed's latest revelations about Uber executives discussing hiring opposition researchers to dig into the personal life of a reporter, Sarah Lacy, who had repeatedly criticized the company, these threats against my own privacy appear to be less of a paranoid possibility than I'd originally thought...My sources could not confirm this or any other incursion by Uber executives into journalists' rider data. However, they were also not shocked by the accusations. "My general thoughts?" said a former employee in an email, about the ongoing scandal. "It doesn't surprise me." [SFM via Dealbook]


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