Wharton Does Other Stuff, Too, You Know


Sure, sure: The nation’s first business is famous for producing famous financiers. But there’s more going on over at Huntsman Hall and Steiny-D, its newly-minted dean will have you know! Like, uh, financial entrepreneurship. Oh yea, and financial analytics and financial innovation and financial technology, to say nothing (it’s better that way) about actuarial science or football and basketball players “studying” marketing.

“What I see and what I know is that while Wharton has an extraordinarily preeminent position in the world of finance ... Wharton is much more than a finance school,” he said….

He especially wants to promote Wharton’s focus on analytics, innovation and entrepreneurship — three things that he believes are essential to a business education.

Even Wharton’s finance department chairman is getting a few kicks in at his own discipline.

Furthermore, he explained that the finance part of the MBA program has, in recent years,shifted away from a focus on managing money.

“[MBA students’] interest in finance tends to be more from a sell-side perspective or in consulting,” Musto said. “That has this entrepreneurial feeling to it.”

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