Write-Offs: 11.14.15


$$$Nomura Said to Put Three Mortgage-Bond Traders on Leave [Bloomberg]

$$$Hedge Funds Offer Glimpse of Their Latest Moves [Dealbook]

$$$US may investigate Blackstone’s Waldorf deal with China [NYP]

$$$U.S. court affirms SEC stance on withholding Wall Street arbitration records [Reuters]

$$$Judge makes it rain for strippers with $10.8M award in Rick’s Cabaret wage suit [NYP]

$$$ Police helicopters, trained dogs and animal trackers are searching for a big cat, initially identified as a tiger and first sighted not far from Disneyland Paris, east of the French capital. The animal, which in the past two days was spotted at a supermarket and a service station, has crossed a major national highway. It was first seen and photographed yesterday morning at a parking lot near the town of Montevrain, 35 kilometers (21 miles) east of Paris. [Bloomberg]

$$$EU says Starbucks' 'very low' Dutch tax deal may be illegal [Reuters]

$$$Another hedge fund tries to 'style' profits from salon owner Regis [NetNet]

$$$The worst states for credit card fraud [NMS]



Write-Offs: 06.20.12

$$$ Fed Extends Twist, Signals Concerns [WSJ] $$$ Reasons to be sad about the Fed [Tim Duy] $$$ Berlusconi Casts Doubt on Austerity Plan [WSJ] $$$ Rompuy Blueprint Said To Include Options On Debt, Bank Oversight [Bloomberg] $$$ Standstills in Change of Control Transactions [HLS] $$$ With all words from Greek, Roman, Norse, etc. myths already taken, Peter Thiel named a fund after a metal from The Lord of the Rings [DI] $$$ A leading New York hedge fund is looking for a general counsel - could it be you? [DBCC] $$$ Regulators Back Off Tougher Curbs on Oil [WSJ] $$$ Ex-Orioles player Eddie Murray is part of insider trading inquiry [Reuters] $$$ The Mormon Madoff: How Shawn Merriman Scammed Millions $$$ NYSE CEO: Public Has Lost Trust inMarket [WSJ] $$$ Madam still stuck at Rikers [NYP]

Write-Offs: 06.01.12

$$$ How Morgan Stanley sank to junk status [Reuters] $$$ Rosengren Says Renewing Operation Twist Would Spur Growth; in other news the 10-year hit 1.437% today [Bloomberg] $$$ Defiant Spain to test the bond market [FT] $$$ Egan-Jones cuts Italy to B+, says economy "miserable" [Reuters] $$$ Rajat Gupta’s Wealth in Spotlight at Trial [DealBook] $$$ Man Sentenced For Abandoning Teen Daughter Due to Her Poor Calculus Grade $$$ A highly regarded advisory firm is looking for a life sciences investment banking associate [DBCC] $$$ Bankruptcy Court Approves Dynegy Settlement With Creditors [WSJ] $$$ Chesapeake Oil Well Is Biggest Gusher In Company History [Bloomberg] $$$ A central-bank failure of epic proportions [Economist / Free Exchange] $$$ The National Review runs an article endorsing NGDP targeting [NR] $$$ Hockey Mom Madam wants bail reduced so she can care for her son